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Several members of FER are keen photographers and this page will contain links to galleries of photographs of the Reservoir and surrounding area.

Contributions from any photographers are welcome and in particular anyone with old photographs which we could copy and convert to electronic format without damaging your original would be most appreciated.

Possible Sighting??? 
In a garden adjacent to the Reservoir in the middle of December a flock of about 20 of these Birds -  sound very much like Fieldfares, grey headed Thrush size with black eye-line and black area between bill and eye. They are very colourful in full sun but in our often-drab winter days the pale grey stands out and is often the only diagnostic feature. They do actually breed in the far north of the UK but they are most often seen in nomadic flocks of Scandinavian birds that exploit the berry harvest of the UK.Take a look at the picture and see what you think, allow some colour differential according to light.

Saint Augustine's Church

Perrots Folley recently gaining even more interest because of the Tolkien connection.

The Bhuddist Temple below the dam wall